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    Issue with quarantine releases by cust admin role


      A primary account has a alias, for which the alias account has its own mailbox on their mail server. Summary, email goes to the alias account on McAfee just fine to their primary account on their mail server. However, when released by the McAfee primary account that is also the cust admin, the email goes to the McAfee primary accounte mailbox, yet the header of the message received does not have the McAfee primary account listed in the header, as shown in the headers provided to support.


      Basically, the account owner and cust admin wants to control the quarantine and therefore adds the monitored account as an alias to their account. However, when released from quarantine it goes it goes to the cust admin mailbox.

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          Brad McGarr

          Hi Frank,


          As most aliases on the Control Console are also aliases of accounts on the mail server and route to the same mailbox, this has not been a common issue. A better setup for the organization would be to set the alias accounts as primary accounts, and configure alternative delivery destinations for the Spam Report, thus keeping the delivery destination the intended account while still allowing the Customer Administrator to receive notification of quarantined spam.


          This can be done once the user account is configured as a primary, under the Email Protection tab within the user details. You may need to configure the ability to set the alternative delivery destination under Email Protection > Policies, and editing the policy applicable to the user account. The setting is within the policy under Spam > Reporting.

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            But the problem is, they have another domain setup in Mcafee the same way and not having this issue. Secondly, the primary address is nowhere to be found in the header from the released message.