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    ZeroAccess.hi on Desktop.ini


      I've got a huge problem with my PC. I installed McAffee to not have Viruses and Trojans and other stuff, but now it happened anyway. I scanned my PC yesterday, and it tolod me I've got a trojan on Desktop.ini called ZeroAccess.hi. I cannot find the page where it should be on quarantine, where somebody told me I could delete it easily. I've tried to scan and let the Programm "clean" all the stuff on it's own, but nothing helped yet. Is there anything you could recommend me to do? Have any of you ever experiencied that and managed to get rid of it? It would mean the world to me if you could help, because I am a student and momentarly I cannot live withoput a PC that works properly !




      Thanks very much for any Info!    :]