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    ePO 5.0 Upgrade - Setup cannot create database - Please Help!


      Hello All,


      I'll start out saying that I am running ePO on Server 2008 R2 SP1 (fully updated).


      I recently attempted to upgrade from the latest version of ePO 4.6 to ePO 5.0. During the setup process it displayed several extensions and whatnot that needed to be removed before the setup could continue and after removing them and restarting the setup everything proceeded as expected. Finally at the end of the update I got an error message saying there were problems during the installation and that changes had been reversed but it did not give any informative information as to why. I then attempted to run the setup again and now when it gets to the part where it asks for my Windows Credentials, I type them in and hit next and an error is displayed that says "Setup was not able to create the database [ePO4_Database1]  Make sure you have appropriate rights before continueing with the installation". The credentials I'm using are domain administrator credentials and they worked no problem in the past setup. Also, my ePO 4.6 is still working as expected so I'm under the assumption that the database at the very least still exists. If anybody can shed some light on this problem it would be greatly appreciated, it really hinders the experience when major updates do not work as expected.