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    Is McAfee and DLP agent able to install on 2008 R2?


      I think it should be no problem to install McAfee agent on 2008 R2. Though I am not using McAfee antivirus product, I think it should be working on 2008 R2, so I think McAfee agent should be working on 2008 R2 too. But even I did not get any install error, I cannot see the McAfee agent tray icon. I installed it from EPO console, action "New System"->"Push agents and add systems to the current group (my group name)".


      I deployed DLP agent from console, and I can see the DLP agent tray icon.


      The problem is everything looks ok, I can see the server in EPO console system tree, and I can see the communication logs without error. But 2 things are not normal and expected. One is I cannot get the right click menu from McAfee agent tray icon, for there is no this tray icon. There is no Mctray.exe running in memory, and after I called it manually I could not see the tray icon either. One details is Mctray.exe what I called manually was running in 32bits mode, but other atuorun ones were in 64bits mode. Another is the DLP agent is in status of "Agent is running in device control and content aware removable storage protection mode", even I set it as "Device control and full content protection" in agent configuration. I have restarted server to make sure the setting applied, but no change.


      One details is the server on which I insatlled DLP agent is for running descovery rules, and there is Agent Handler installed on it.


      Is what I faced by design?


      I install the McAfee agent and DLP agent from EPO console.

      EPO version: 4.6.6

      DLP version: