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    Where have all the updates gone?

      One of our computers uses Windows XP with McAfee Security Centre, Version 11.6. Everyday we manually check for updates and everyday an update is downloaded and installed, and the DAT file is also updated. However in the last two days, no update has downloaded, the DAT file has not been updated, and yet we are told that "Your programs are up  to date". Can anybody tell us why we are not receiving the usual daily updates?

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          Not sure. I've got DAT version 7047 on XP with a date of 16th April. so I'm not up to date.


          Let's see, doing a manual update now ....


          .... it says it did it, but then mcsvhost fell over, not encouraging ....


          ... yes, it's updated to DAT version 7048 with a date of 17th (yesterday). So they're being a bit slow pushing out the updates. Try again and see what happens.

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            Install and run McAfee Virtual Technician and  try updating the McAfee


            McAfee Virtual Technician Link: http://mvt.mcafee.com  

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              As a newcomer to this community, I can't find how to reply to the advice we received from Hayton and karthiks.

              We have followed the advice of Hayton - but we are still in the same situation. The following is the info we get on Virus Scan: version 15.6; Build version 15.6.245; Last update 16th April; DAT version 7046; DAT created date 15th April. We have also followed karthiks' to run the McAfee Virtual Technician but there were no problems found.  Getting really worried. What can we do next?


              I have now found the reply button.  My apologies.

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                (You posted three times, so I've deleted the two duplicate posts.)


                McAfee sends out updates through a global network of servers. I just checked your location and you're in the UK so you should be getting them from Akamai, the same as I do. I've just done a manual update and moved on to 7049. So if you can't update then it's not so likely to be a problem with the download servers, as someone else suggested.


                If MVT found no problems with your installation I would be quite surprised, since one of the things it does is to check your DAT version against the latest one available, and flag an error if there's a difference. Can you run it again (make sure to get the latest version from http://mvt.mcafee.com) and this time save the Diagnostic Details output log?

                MVT screen.JPG


                The file is saved to your desktop with the name "MVTHealthCheck.html". Open it and go to the following section (ignore the discrepancies it shows, I wasn't using the latest MVT version) -

                DAT version.JPG

                Can you tell us what the Expected and Existing versions are that it shows?

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                  Thank you for replying.

                  We have done exactly what you told us (so, presumably, we are using the latest MVT version) and the following are the numbers:


                  Engine Up-to-date

                  Expected: 5200

                  Existing: 5500


                  DAT Up-to-date

                  Expected: 7045

                  Existing: 7046


                  Does this help?

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                    Sorry two more things that may help.


                    The MVT version we used, following your instructions,  was so you can check that it is the latest version?


                    When we ran the MVT, it said there were no problems.

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                      I am also a newcomer to this community and also in the UK. I have exactly the same problem. My last installed DAT file is 7046 and if I manually try to update, I get the message "Your programmes are up to date". I ran MVT but it only reported two registry errors and stated it had corrected them. The problem still persists. To run MVT again, I shall either have to "find" the programme on my PC or download it again as I lost the desktop shortcut when I last ran it.

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                        I have since downloaded and installed the latest MVT and run it. It found no problems. I looked at the log as suggested and got:


                        Expected DAT 7045

                        Existing DAT 7046


                        MVT version:

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                          DAT file still does not update.


                          Site Advisor Live DID update to newest version yesterday if that helps.


                          My anti spam content updated yesterday (April 18th) at 21:40 hours, so problem appears to be limited to DAT files.

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