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    One computer, two users, Mcafee only shows for one user at a time.



      This is the strangest thing ever I've seen with a security program...ok here's my dilemna..wonder if there's ANYONE who can figure it out, or will try??????


      We have ONE computer in our home...but TWO USERS on this computer...we have Mcafee security suite free through AT&T. Now I have spoke to both and got no results...well Mcafee thought they fixed it and gave me a lot of attention..but it wasn't and I didn't have the nerve to contact them back. BUT we've totally uninstalled, (even with their own uninstall program) and cleaned up all the files, the computer, the registry etc etc..many times..and still have the issue.


      SO...if one of us is on the computer but doesn't log out, just switches users, the Mcafee will not show up on the second person's profile, page, This did not use to happen as far as we remember. In order for Mcafee to be accessible to use or see the icon, the other user MUST be logged off...why??? We switch users often and never used to log off first and always thought it was protecting us in the past..maybe it wasn't?


      Anyway, usually if I switch to the other user, I'll see the Mcafee icon on the taskbar on the bottom, but as soon as I put my mouse over it to try to click it to open, it disappears..and if I go right to the desktop icon, OR even the program folder and try to open Mcafee, it will NOT open..UNTIL I go log the first user off..is THAT normal???


      if anyone can offer an idea..I hate logging off and then re-opening all my windows and tabs etc...but am worried we're not protected if I don't..

      Thanks to anyone who may answer

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          We know about this one. I've got the same situation on my XP machine, which has an Admin account and four user accounts. There are some other threads about this little problem if you look for them, and it was discussed on the most recent conference call.


          Easy to state the problem, not so easy to fix it apparently : a process with the name "mcagent" is supposed to start up each time you open a new user session on the PC. For some reason, it only starts for the first user to log on. If another user logs on and the previous user account is still active, mcagent won't start.


          I surmise that someone doing the code thought, very logically, that if mcagent is already running once it doesn't need to run again. Hmm. Logical, but wrong.


          Anyway, McAfee know. We're still waiting for them to do something about it.

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            OH, I'm so glad you told me this..I tried searching for this problem and couldn't find one, so I may have not used the correct terms for searching about it.


            So I feel better knowing I am not alone, and that I'm not crazy..I was certain in the past it did work for multiple users...AND I had tried making each of us administrator, regular users etc etc..tried everything..I wonder IF or WHEN they might fix this? I hope soon..cause really I know it's not a biggie, but I do hate logging off each time we switch...


            Well I really hope they fix it or I may just invest in Norton or something else..THANKS so much for the response!

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              Oh aye, it used to work fine. Maybe when they train programmers these days they forget to include one of the most basic computer programming instructions of all, namely "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". Someone probably went merrily ahead and fixed it anyway. So now they have to un-fix it, or more likely, re-fix it. And then test it properly to make sure it works like it used to.


              It all means, of course, hurry up and wait.



              Edit : If you're worried about not being protected by McAfee in the account where the McAfee shield doesn't work, don't worry unless you get bombarded by messages saying Your Computer Is At Risk. As far as I can see everything is working except the thing that mcagent looks after, which is the Security Center. And that's just, when all is said and done, your interface to McAfee. So you can't alter anything (which you can't do anyway in a user-only account) or get information about the McAfee status, or get reports. Mostly, that's no big deal. It's just the niggling thought that if anything were amiss, you might not know. And so far I've been able to live with it : if I have two accounts running I just dip into the one with the Security Center and check that everything's okay. It always is.


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