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    Uninstalling preinstalled McAfee


      New computer, Windows 8, old computer blew up. I have a paid for subcription for Total Protection and need to uninstall the preinstalled version then install my paid for version from my paid for account.

      Under useful links>MCPR the TS101331 article states that a preinstalled McAfee product must be activated before uninstalling, reinstalling only installs your McAfee home users applications, but might not recover your paid subscription term information.

      The preinstalled version has been working ok, I haven't registered or logged into it as I'm not sure if that will mess up my paid for account. So what I need to know is can I just go ahead and uninstall from Programs& Features > Download and run MCPR > Restart computer > Go to my paid for account and download?

      Advice much appreciated.