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    Unable to pull or check-in DAT package since server patch and reboot

      We currently have and old ePO 4.0 server that we are migrating all the machines from and into a new ePO 4.6 setup. However a few weeks back our server team carried out windows patching on both the ePO 4.0 and SQL server and since the patching and subsequent reboot we have been unable to pull or check-in any DAT packages. We still have a number of machines in ePO 4.0 so do need to resolve the issue.


      For you information, due to some contractual requirements (that were set up before my time with the organisation!!) the SQLServer also has an ePO installation on it. The SQL server ePO installation has no clients reporting to it, but has internet access and pulls the packages from the McAfee site. It then creates a distribution point/UNC share that the production ePO 4.0 server uses as a site source to retrieve the downloaded packages as it has no access to the outside world. So you will see in the logs that the download session for the ePO 4.0 production server looks at the SQL server for is packages. Hope that makes sense.


      Prior to the reboot of both ePO and SQL Servers for the installation of a Windows update of 'MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (KB2758696)' the log was displaying as below:


      For your information the following names have been altered:


      DOMAIN - this is in place of the actual domain name

      ePOServiceAccount - this is in place of the actual ePO Service Account name

      ePOServerName - this is in place of the actual ePO Server name

      SQLServerName - this is in place of the actual SQL Server name


      20130405190906109          I          #2636          RManJNI          Starting RManJNI

      20130405190909187          I          #2636          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405190909187          I          #2636          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405190909218          I          #2636          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405190909218          I          #2636          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405190910453          I          #2636          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405190910453          I          #2636          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405190910484          I          #2636          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405190910484          I          #2636          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405190910531          I          #2636          RManJNI          Checking agent package: Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409

      20130405190910609          I          #2636          RManJNI          Checking agent zip package integrity...

      20130405190910703          I          #2636          RManJNI          Checked agent zip package OK!

      20130405190910703          I          #2636          RManJNI          Check agent sfx file integrity...

      20130405190910734          I          #2636          RManJNI          Create Agent Sfx Package C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\EPOLIC~1\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409\Frame Pkg.exe...

      20130405190910828          I          #2636          RManJNI          Signaling Repository Manager open for business()

      20130405212936354          I          #6316          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405212936354          I          #6316          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405212937026          I          #6316          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405212937026          I          #6316          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405212937213          I          #6316          SiteMgrWrap          Created instance of Site Manager

      20130405212937213          I          #6316          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405212937213          I          #6316          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405212937276          I          #6316          SiteMgr          SetEPOMode: SiteMgr enter ePO mode, server=ePOServerName, port=8093, EPOUser=, Password=********

      20130405212937276          I          #6316          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130405212937276          I          #6316          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130405212937307          I          #6316          SiteMgr          DALInit: Connected to DAL successful

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          SiteMgr          SetEPOMode: Set ePO mode successful

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          SiteMgr          MirrorThreadProc: Mirror thread started

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          SIM_InetMgr          Starting download session for site SQLServerName

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          naInet          UNC Session initialized

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          NaInet          Connecting to UNC Server: SQLServerName

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          NaInet          Domain name=DOMAIN, User name=ePOServiceAccount

      20130405212937338          I          #6316          NaInet          Mapping network share \\SQLServerName\eporepo using NetUseAdd

      20130405212937370          I          #6316          NaInet          Network Share \\SQLServerName\eporepo mapped

      20130405212937370          I          #6316          NaInet          Connected to UNC Server: SQLServerName

      20130405212937370          I          #6316          SIM_InetMgr          Started download session 1 for site SQLServerName

      etc etc and download completed successfully



      Since the reboot we have had the following error continually in the log - we are unable to download the DAT package from our UNC source and are unable to check-in a manually downloaded DAT package for ePO to the Master Repository - we get an error message "Unknown failure processing package"



      20130406212951348          I          #6824          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130406212951348          I          #6824          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130406212951489          I          #6824          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130406212951489          I          #6824          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130406212951583          I          #6824          SiteMgrWrap          Created instance of Site Manager

      20130406212951583          I          #6824          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130406212951583          I          #6824          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130406212951676          E          #6824          DAL          COM Error :80040e4d in CConxIndex::CConxIndex

      20130406212951676          E          #6824          DAL          Meaning = IDispatch error #3149

      20130406212951676          E          #6824          DAL          Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      20130406212951676          E          #6824          DAL          Description = Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ePOServerName$'.

      20130406212952676          E          #6824          DAL          COM Error :80040e4d in CConxIndex::CConxIndex

      20130406212952676          E          #6824          DAL          Meaning = IDispatch error #3149

      20130406212952676          E          #6824          DAL          Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      20130406212952676          E          #6824          DAL          Description = Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ePOServerName$'.

      20130406212954676          E          #6824          DAL          COM Error :80040e4d in CConxIndex::CConxIndex

      20130406212954676          E          #6824          DAL          Meaning = IDispatch error #3149

      20130406212954676          E          #6824          DAL          Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      20130406212954676          E          #6824          DAL          Description = Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ePOServerName$'.

      20130406212957676          E          #6824          DAL          CConxIndex::CConxIndex - giving up retrying connection.

      20130406212957676          I          #6824          SiteMgr          SetEPOMode: SiteMgr enter ePO mode, server=ePOServerName, port=8443, EPOUser=, Password=********

      20130406212957676          I          #6824          usermgr          Attempting to add user: DOMAIN\ePOServiceAccount

      20130406212957676          I          #6824          usermgr          Current user: SYSTEM

      20130406212957708          I          #6824          SiteMgr          DALInit: Connected to DAL successful

      20130406212957708          E          #6824          DAL          COM Error :80040e4d in CConxIndex::CConxIndex

      20130406212957708          E          #6824          DAL          Meaning = IDispatch error #3149

      20130406212957708          E          #6824          DAL          Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      20130406212957708          E          #6824          DAL          Description = Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ePOServerName$'.

      20130406212958708          E          #6824          DAL          COM Error :80040e4d in CConxIndex::CConxIndex

      20130406212958708          E          #6824          DAL          Meaning = IDispatch error #3149

      20130406212958708          E          #6824          DAL          Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      20130406212958708          E          #6824          DAL          Description = Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ePOServerName$'.

      20130406213000708          E          #6824          DAL          COM Error :80040e4d in CConxIndex::CConxIndex

      20130406213000708          E          #6824          DAL          Meaning = IDispatch error #3149

      20130406213000708          E          #6824          DAL          Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      20130406213000708          E          #6824          DAL          Description = Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ePOServerName$'.

      20130406213003708          E          #6824          DAL          CConxIndex::CConxIndex - giving up retrying connection.

      20130406213003708          e          #6824          SiteMgr          SetEPOMode: Failed to set ePO mode

      20130406213003708          x          #6824          SiteMgr          SiteMgr main control final release...


      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated