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    Customized block page




      Can we create a block page which can accept values that fills up a list a rule?

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          I just need a way to allow set of users to add up values to a rule without accessing MWG UI. It may be a website or username.

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            A block page does not have the context to modify any of the static elements inside of a list in the policy.


            The only thing you can do is have PDStorage integrated into your policy. You can have a string/wildcard value append to a PDStorage list and use that list in subsequent policy. However PDstorage is temporary and will expire/delete after a period of time. Plus, what's to say that a user couldn't just enter * into a white list and go anywhere?


            A better solution might be to develop an internal web application on an intranet site and have users edit lists there. Then MWG can use a subscribed list to pull the values and use them in a policy. You could then have syntax and validation of the entries before they get added to the list for consumption.

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              This is a good idea! Thanks! I was just trying to test the concept of extracting content from subscribed list. I set up a FTP server and created text file at a defined location. When MWG tries to pull up information it could not understand how to process different values. I used type=string and picked contains=User. This bring me to my question - how does MWG understand different values and can we also add comment to the list for each feild record. I think i would like to make xml file at http server for production but just for now as i have ftp server ready i want to test out the concept. Can we use txt or excel file to prepare subcribed list file? If i try it with xml what should be the attributes and how would mwg understand it...




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                I think you are confusing subscribed list with External List. They are similar but have different formats and uses.


                A subscribed list must have an entry on the first line that identifies the list type:




                And the file looks something like this. Comments optional, but both fields must be "quoted" when you use comments.



                With a configuration of something like this:


                And a result of something like this:


                And you use it like any other list:



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