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    Intel Anti Theft Causing BSOD

      Intel anit theft has been head wrecking from the very start.


      It started out when it came free with my laptop so i said i would try it out. Installed it,grand happy out. Then i got a blue screen not long after. (May have been because i forget to restart the laptop)

      So restarted my laptop and it rolled back before i installed the software. Grand, i will install it again. But no, some reason Intel Anti Theft would not let me install it again.

      Every 7 days it would lock, seperate computer, get the long code and enter it. This went on for about 6 months till i cracked. Rang support, they said they would call me back

      as i need a higher tech support.

      About an hour on the phone and a restart later its installed again! Hurray! Synced, put on vacation mode so no more lockdowns.

      But wait! My laptop is sluggish, slow, and i see intel icon in the tray.

      So i shall uninstall the the program ---- Laptop just blue screened


      Going through the uninstalling it gets to about 1/4 saying its decrypting my files. Get an error and says please try again later.


      How do i uninstall?


      -> Aint sure yet whether or not the blue screen is down to the new windows 7 update that causes random blue screens. I knew about this and was avoiding the update, but tier 2 tech support decided to install all 2 of my important updates.


      *TIP* As im in ireland i had no way of calling tech support. If you are in like my positon, use skype, set call from within the US, then call their tech number. Its free.


      Any help appreciated

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          Seeing the case notes of this SR 1065280924 your issue has been resolved by a Tier 2 support technician. If you still have problems Tier 2 support can assist you again. So kindly send an email to Tier 2 support so that they can assist you on this issue.


          I have sent you the Tier 2 support email address via private message so kindly check your inbox and send a mail to them

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            Just sent an email to them. Just have to wait now. Thanks for that.


            I uninstalled the latest windows 7 updates, but to no avail the laptop blue screens.


            If it leave it run at start up and even look at it on my desktop it blue screens not long after i log in.

            If i disable it from the start up and dont click the icon on my desktop, the laptop blue screens after about 20 or minutes.

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              I got the information that your case has been re-escalated to Tier 2 support, please post the outcome of the call  after working with the technician


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                The email i sent to the address you provided? That has escalated? Or what?


                Sorry i dont really follow what you said

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                  Tier 2 will now contact you and fix the issue is what Karthiks is implying.  When the issue is fixed can you update the thread here please.

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                    No email back from them yet, gonna give a call later again.


                    So at the moment my laptop is unusable due to random blue screens and even when its disabled from start up, it crashes randomly 20 minutes or so in. I can only use it in safe mode. But I cant uninstall in safe mode either. It just says try again later.

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                      Sorry for spamming my own post here. Think i have a solution to my own problems.


                      I was just skyping to tech support, he took down 2 of my contact numbers, and im guessing he was about to ask me when is good to call me, but behold! A blue screen! Back in safe mode now.


                      Im thinking, if i restore my laptop to just before the intel software was installed by tech support it should be fixed?

                      I think it should be because after it was installed i put my laptop into vacation mode and synced. So no more lock downs.


                      Restore it to point before Intel Anti theft has been reinstalled by tech support. Never install it again, laptop is in vacation mode. Never have to worry about the damn program again?


                      At this rate i would rather have my laptop stolen then deal with this software trouble.

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                        I believe your case is still under Tier 2 support side, please do not perform any restore until you get further response from the Tier 2 technician.


                        If in case you did what was the outcome ? please post back


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                          I rang them again Saturday, got called back last night there. So after about 2 hours of him controlling the laptop and on phone no success. He is going to take it up with the research team and he will call me back wednesday.

                          He went through the crash errors and when it crashed it was down to mcafee and ntoskrnl.exe.


                          He was asking me if i had a windows 7 cd and reinstall from fresh, i think.

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