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    McAfee Keeps Sending the Same E-mail


      This has happened twice within less than 3 months. McAfee keeps delivering the same e-mail to a group of users every 1 or 2 minutes.

      It happened once at the end of January and yesterday.

      Both times, the message had 20 to 25 MB of zip file contains images sent from the same domain.

      The action we took was blocking the particular sender on our mail server. That stopped the repeated mail flow.

      I wonder if there are anybody having the same issue or knew what causes this.

      Appreciate any comments!

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          Brad McGarr

          Greetings Alexstef0327,


          I would recommend contacting the support team that works with your account for specific follow up. This is quite unusual behavior and something that would need additional research. I know from my experience, any time we have seen an issue like this upon further investigation we discovered that the sending server was sending us multiple copies of the same message, but support will need to review your specific details to determine what is going on.

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            Hi  Brad,


            Thank you so much for your response.


            I opened the ticket and asked to provid me with logs at the time the problem occured.

            I was questioning if the sender's server kept sending the same e-mail or not.

            McAfee log shows each duplicate has a different message ID. I thought if the sender is sending the same mail, all e-mail should have the same message ID. 

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              Brad McGarr

              You hit the nail on the head, Alex. Unique message ID's are a clear indication that the sending server is sending multiple copies, as each message ID is a unique message attempt. The logs you've requested will clarify that and provide supporting documentation.