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    scripting Check in package


      Im still pretty new to epolicy, so im looking for some help.


      I manage 6 different networks (all with epolicy 4.6) and 3 are secured networks without internet.  all 3 of them are interconnected, and the main hub provides "dat updates"


      The file they provide is avvepo7xxxdat.zip, which contains 45~ files, .gem, avvdat-7xxx.zip,  mcs files, etc.  I can take this file, and manually click the check in pacakge button, no problems.


      What i am looking for is a way to script the check in package function.



      I currently have a script that downloads the .zip file thats provided fia FTP for me, so all i have to do i check it in, but i'de like to not have to do that step.


      the 'Main' site i manage, i have a HTTP Distributed Repositorie that my other 2 sites pull from with no problem, but i would like my main site to be automated as well.



      Any help with automating the check in package process would be a great help.

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