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    Client Task On Demand Scan not running

      Hallo All,


      I have configured several Client Task to scan shares on the ePO Server (Version 4.6.1 Build 1192). The task is assigned to a Windows 2003 R2 Server running VirusScan Enterprise

      I can see the task at the Windows 2003 R2 Server but the scan is failing everytime.


      Here is what I setup at the Client Task Katalogue: VirusScan 8.7 --> On Demand Scan

      I selected "Drive or folder" and added the UNC Path at the destination for the scan.

      I unselected the "Bootsector Scan". The rest is out of the box expect the User information at the "Task" tab.

      Here I added an Domain Admin User, the password and the domain.


      This is the Log for the Client Task:


      4/16/2013          6:00:21 PM                    Modulversion                            =          5400.1158

      4/16/2013          6:00:21 PM                    AntiVirus-DAT-Version                   =          7046.0

      4/16/2013          6:00:21 PM                    Anzahl an Entdeckungssignaturen in EXTRA.DAT=          Kein

      4/16/2013          6:00:21 PM                    Namen der Entdeckungssignaturen in EXTRA.DAT=          Kein

      4/16/2013          6:00:11 PM          Scanvorgang beendet         SERVERNAME\SYSTEM                Prüfung fehlgeschlagen


      Hope someone can help me.

      Thank you in advance.

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          Why would you scan the ePO Server remotely... and not use a locally installed VSE to protect that server?

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            Hello wwarren,


            Thanks for your reply.

            I haven't expressed myself correctly. Sorry for that. I try to make it clear.

            The Shares are running on a NetApp filer.

            And the Client Tasks should run at the Windows 2003 server (32 Bit version).


            From my point of view the VirusScan is connecting the networkdrive with the local SYSTEM account. And this account doesn't have access rights to the drive.

            But I added an Domain Admin User to the Task which have the access rights. Why does the VirusScan ignores this user?