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    Duplicate Names on purpose


      Okay, so we are going to be adding a vendor's network onto our network here soon.  Only issue is, we will be adding 3 sites, and all 3 sites (which up to this point, have been isolated) have identical names and ip addresses.  So I told the manager we need to change the names, otherwise we could have issues within ePO.  Nothing conrete but just from dealing with ePO it might create a head ache.  Does anybody have any documentation so I can show them?  Any help would be awesome, thank you.

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          Come again please.Your Q is noy clear?What exactely you are going to do?Will you add domaiuns in ePO having simillar names?

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            I was wondering when I posted that.  Let me try this again


            Lets say, we are site A (head quarters for our business) and have 3 other remote sites all connected to Site A.  We will call these Site B, C, D, and E.  Now, image that in Site B,C,D we have a isolated network for business purposes not connected to our Sites at all, lets call them sub A,B,C respective to the sites.  Still with me?  Lets hope so!


            Okay, recap, we have Site B with an isolated network called sub B, same for Site C with sub C and Site D with sub D.   


            Now, we are going to connect the sub B,C,D to our network so we can manage the updates and anti-virus.  Each sub has the same machine numbers and same ip address for those names.  So example Computer 1 with ip at sub B and we have Computer 1 with ip at sub C and we have computer 1 with ip at sub D.  Now I'm going to use Agent Handlers for each sub due to our network policy.  So my question is, even tho the machines will have unique GUIDS, they will all have idtenical names and IP addresses.  I told our manager they needed to change the IP/names otherwise it would create a nightmare in ePO.  I was wondering if anybody had any documentation I could give him as hard fact!  If something doesn't make sense I'll try to explain better lol thank you.

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              You are absoloutely right, although ePo will manage all these sub sites having identical names and IPs with MAC and then assigning unique GUIDS to each machine, but even for you people it would create a nightmare in ePO if similliar ip and names schems is applied, lets say if some of machine shows unmanaged in ePO from different sub sites, how would you differentiate.After all ePO is for better managemnet and if you see many machines with simillar names, and ips, dont you think so that it would be confusing.And some times after sync we have a common issue of duplicate systems in ePO, just think if such duplication happens then which machine you will remove and which you will think is right one.I will look for best practice guide and post here.

              But my openion is you should change ip schemes or there should be subnets like   then to, its just an example so admion of epo could see in one glance that which machine is this and where it is located.

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                https://kb.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD23051&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1366204727589


                Above is ePo best practice guide.Please review it nd keep posting your views here.