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    Advice on Repository setup for new system deployments


      We are geting ready to roll out Windows 7 (about 15000 nodes). We install VSE after imaging as part of the imaging process. Currently no other repositories on this ePO server (yes, we plan on implementing a couple soon based on IP).


      Anyway, we are plannning rolling out a couple hundred new workstations/laptops at a time per site (about 40 different sites). We don't want them hitting the main ePO sever accross the network to get initial update so they plan on hauling an 'imaging server' to each of these sites that changes it's IP based on its current location.


      Is there a way to tell those specific systems to get it's update from that imaging server repository first before it checks into ePO the first time? We don't want any of our regular nodes to use that repository. It would only be used for the initial DAT download after the install.


      Any advise on how to set this up would be very much appreciated. I have been trying to engineer this out for a couple days now.