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    Emails stopped working - Not had an active Mcafee subscription for a year


      Hello all,


      Firstly let me explain.


      A year ago, we decided to switch from Mcafee as we got left in the lurch by our old IT guy and wanted to keep everything in house. So when the renewal notice came through, we promptly ignored it and changed to another Av provider.


      Perhaps a little naivly we didn't consider Antispam at that time and didn't take out the service with the new AV providor. Everything has been working absolutely fine for a year, but this morning we've noticed we're recieving no external email. We can send them, and recieve internally. I did a quick google and it seems to be something possibly spam related.


      Is it possible that as its been a year, our antispam has been shutdown? I've notced our MX records point to: ourdomain.co.uk.inbound10.mxlogic.net. Could this be the culprit here?


      As we don't have an active grant number, i can't get anything from support, who just keep passing me back to Customer services, sales, tech support and frankly getting nowhere!


      Any help would be great.


      Many thanks