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    Surgeweb email client and webmail IMAP issue


      Hi Guys,


      I receive issues connecting to Surgeweb email client or webmail using IMAP.

      Rules are allowed and I can see traffic through audit viewing for the ports tcp 143/IMAP and 80/HTTP.


      This is the error notification I received from the email client and webmail.


      "already 40/30 connections from you, setting G_WEB_MAX_PERIP"


      I tried to isolate the problem and connect to 3G and I was able to receive email from client and view from webpages.


      Im using IMAP proxy service with TCP idle timeout of 3600 sec.



      This occur 1 week ago. Is there any related to idle timeout settings need to be adjusted in FW?

      Kidnly help if you encountered this issue before. Thanks