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    Deploy Agent in different subnets



      i have one question:


      We have an ePO Server on central site. On diffrent site we have a repository and more then 20 subnets where Agents should be deployed. Deploying in same subnet then the repository is located is not a problem. But how can we detect the systems in all the other subnets. They are not scanned by epo.


      Is there a way to manually add this subnets to ePO. ? Do we need a rogue-sensor in each subnet ?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Attila Polinger



          are these subnets separated from ePO or reachable? Normally you deploy an RSD sensor in each subnet to detect unmanaged clients but the sensor should also be able to reach the ePO server (to check if the detected client is managed)...



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            what is you structure,  do you have a domain? are the clients on the diffrent site belong to you domain!

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              our structure is like:


              One AD-Domain two locations (A,B).


              On location A there is ePO located. On location B there is the repository server (IP


              On Site B we have some IP-Subnets:


     - Repository is on subnet. In and we wave a rogue-sensor. In the other subnets are only Client PCs.


              Each Subnet is reachable from each other.


              We dont want to install a rogue-sensor in the client network. So is there a way to automaticly detect all machines in clientnetworks without a rogue-sensor ?


              What if i add additional IP-Adresses to our repository server for each subnet ? For example and ... and so on. Will i be able to automaticly detect all systems in each subnet ?