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    Will ePO v5 transfer assigned encrypted users?


      Is there any possibility of ePO v5 transferring systems with the encrypted users assigned to each system?


      Is there any way that it/we could import the users that are assigned to each machine from v4.6 into ePO v5 and then through the transfer systems process it will pick up the assigned users for that system when it appears in the new system tree.


      It seems a fairly significant process that just doesn't exist.



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          If you mean, completely separate installs of epo, no you cannot move users between databases.


          Why would you create a new EPO instance, why not upgrade the existing one?

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            My current ePO server is 4.5p4HF1, W2003 x86 with SQL 2005


            I have setup a new v4.6.6 W2008 x64 with SQL 2008 in order to move everything across which i could upgrade to ePO v5 until i discovered the problem I'd have with my assigned encrypted users.


            I could upgrade my current server to 4.6 but i'm still stuck with the scenario that i'd have to move the systems to a new ePO server in the future as v5 is only x64


            Was just wondering if it may in the future support this as currently i'm stuck at what to do. I can only see the number of encrypted machines increasing in our organisation and would have liked to get things sorted out sooner rather than later when we have more machines to deal with.



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              humm - I see your dilemma.


              I hate to do this, but I suggest we move this thread over to the EPO group to see what their advice is re migrating from x86 to x64 etc - It feels like there should be a way to migrate the SQL DB over to a new server etc?

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                Thanks Simon,


                I was hoping there would be an easier way to do this- but i may have to take a look at KB71078.

                How to migrate epo 4.5 or 4.6 from a 32-bit system to a 64-bit system.


                It basically is a disaster recovery scenario and involves building a new epo and doing a restore, then changing all the program files (x86) paths.  I've seen a few posts of people who have had issues with this and its not worked.

                Not really what i want to do, but it appears the only option for moving forward


                Thanks for your help.


                edit: now thinking that moving each indivdual machine over and re-assigning each encrypted user isn't such a bad idea.....


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