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    LSSASR.exe Trojan ,Artemis! 013F9A5CEF1B

      As shown in the title i have been having a problem with the trojan above, the process that it runs is LSSASR.exe and refreshes itslef every minute, it still has not been removed within repeated attempts, previously the threat type was sayin something backdoor, now it is Artemis! 013F9A5CEF1B , i am not sure what to think, Research so far says LSSASR is dangerous and leads to other viruses but now it says the threat is artemis , in this it says that its ok and is being worked on http://www.trojanwatch.org/artemis-trojan/ ,so just let me know if im at risk and what i should do, it seems like mcafee isnt aware of this lssasr trojan