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    Which is the best approach if I want to change the storage device?


      Hi all,

      Have you ever changed/deleted the storage device after the migrate_db procedure on the ELM?

      I've configured an external storage device and I've migrate the ELM db on it. This is the same storage device where I'm writing all the raw logs.

      How can I change now the size of that device? If I try to change the value (max size) editing the storage device object, when I click on the "ok" button, the "old" value come back.

      I've also tried to delete that object, but an error has appeared telling me that a storage device that contains data cannot be deleted....


      Another doubt is on the raw files saved on the storage: can i copy all these file on another storage device and see them from the ELM (after adding this new device as a new one on the ELM)? Does anyone have tested it? I was wondering this is possible , but I'm not sure this will work...



      Thanks in advance for your help,