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    McAfee Alert Host has stopped working


      I am receiving a message from windows stating that the McAfee Alert Host has stopped working.  At that moment, I am able to check for an online solution with Microsoft but nothing happens.  I have restarted my computer many times and am continuing to receive this message after a few minutes of being logged into either a standard user or an administrator account.  My computer consists of Windows 7 professional 64 and am using McAfee all access total protection version of the antivirus.  Also, I have all windows updates and McAfee software updates installed.

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          Click the below link to open the View problem history pane


          http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows-vista/view-the-details-of-a-problem-r eport


          Check for the McAfee Alert host stopped working error message

          If found, double click on the error and take a screen shot and then post back here


          If you feel the above step is complicated kindly click on view details when you get the McAfee alert host error and take a screen shot then post back here


          After taking the screen shot, install and run McAfee virtual technician and check the issue


          McAfee Virtual Technician : http://mvt.mcafee.com

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            Also which file is it Mcafee host or Mcafee service host?


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              I'm seeing the same behavior.  It seems to happen about once per day, although this morning there were two identical pop-ups with this information.


              My machine is also Win7 with all of the latest updates.  I have the consumer version of McAfee Total Protection.


              I downloaded and ran the latest version of Virtual Technician yesterday.  VT said that it found a registry entry problem and fixed it.  Still, I got the error again this morning.  Obviously, VT did fix this problem.


              I think it's coming from Home Network Defense.  There seems to be problems with the current version of this component of the McAfee suite.  When I open the network map, it tells me that my wireless printers are untrusted hosts running McAfee (?!?) and wants me to enter a password on this machine then enter the same password on the untrusted machines.  I would do that, but I'm having trouble finding the keyboard and monitor on my printers.


              It also lists my laptop as untrusted.  When I tried to do the thing with entering a password here, then enter it at the other machine.  When I went to the laptop, McAfee never asked for the password.  It just opened the network map on the laptop, and told me that the laptop didn't trust this machine or my printers.


              This behavior started about a week ago, and has been happening daily.

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                What version of Mcafee and can you take a pic of the message please


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                  I'm not sure where to find the version number for McAfee (It doesn't appear when I click on "Help").


                  I will do a screen capture the next time I see the message.  For now, the pop-up opened by Microsoft has the title "McAfee Alert host" and the text "McAfee Alert host has stopped working".  In the details drop-down on this pop-up, it lists the application name as ALERTH~1.EXE.  (I wrote this information down so I could investigate on my own.)


                  I tried to turn off the Home Network Defense feature until this problem is resolved, but I can't find a way to do that.

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                    in 11.6 about is at top right of the screen. In 12.1 about is found by clicking on navigation and then about bottom left of the navigation screen.


                    Try aslo what karthiks said about and post back anything you can get.


                    amer1canparatrooper  please do so as well this is your thread.

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                      I didn't find it in either of those places, but the "About" link on the lower right of the Home screen shows me that I've got the following:


                      McAfee Security Center Version 12.1, Build 12.1.323,

                      McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Version 16.1, Build 16.1.172

                      McAfee Personal Firewall Version 13.1, Build 13.1.132

                      McAfee SiteAdvisor Version 3.6, Build

                      McAfee Anti-Spam Version 13.1, Build 13.1.154

                      McAfee Parental Controls Version 14.1, Build 14.1.132

                      McAfee File Lock 3.1, Build 3.1.124

                      McAfee Online Backup Version 3.0, Build 3.0.128

                      McAfee QuickClean and Shredder Version 12.1, Build 12.1.147


                      Since the link that karthiks gave is for Windows Vista, but my machine is running Windows 7, I couldn't use the instructions provided there.  I found the same information in my system logs however.  (BTW, this is the same info that is in the details of the pop-up that appears, so a screen shot of the pop-up would give you no additional information)




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                        Ok added this to our mod call tomorrow to see what the high level techs say.


                        Checked my error list and no such error so something is amiss maybe a clashing program so will see what the techs or karthiks above says.


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                          Here are two error messages that I have found.  One, a WMI error and the second, an Application error:





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