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    Mcafee installed file hide.

      Hi friends,

                            I just download the Mcafee total protection from the mcafee account.   Then installed it into the computer successfully. Then i restart the computer....  And guess what.....

         After restarting , i couldn't find my mcafee...!   I checked in taskber, in the desktop screen. Not able to find the installed mcafee. When i click on start and i find the mcafee . But when click on the mcafee. windows says.  Would you like to delete the short cut...!  Strange.


      Could you please give what i do ?












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          Is you hard drive split into several partitions?  Perhaps for some unknown reason it installed on another partition?  Normally that would be impossible but in all these years I've seen stranger things happen.


          Some information please. What operating system and service pack is this and what version of Internet Explorer is installed?


          Is McAfee listed in your Start Menu > All Programs?


          The only thing I can suggest is go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove in XP) and run the uninstaller for anything McAfee that is showing there.


          Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.


          Then download and install your software again.


          You might also like to run Malwarebytes Free linked in the last link in my signature below as it could be malware causing this.   To keep it free do NOT accept the Free Trial offer.









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                              Thanks for your suggestion. But i have only 1 root partition (C drive) of 500GB. With windows 7 Home premium edition, IE9 installed on it.

                  then i tried to uninstalled corrupted mcafee using MCPR tool, restart the computer then reinstall the McAfee.


            And guess what, Finaly it install. 


                      I don't even know what was the problem was when the first time Mcafee installed ?  It showed the final finish screen to restart the computer.


            Well, its works now. So thank you again to take care of my problem.









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              That's great news, glad you got it working finally.   I trust your Windows 7 is SP1.  You might consider updating IE9 to IE10 now as it's more secure.  Even if you use another browser as your default, it's a good idea.