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    Virtual MFE appliance in a vCloud environment


      Can any of the McAfee guys confirm or deny if the virtualized instance of MFE will work in a cloud-based VMWare environment.


      A customer has a approached us with a view to replacing their existing Firewall infrastructure which is made up of several different vendor appliances with a single-vendor solution. One of the criteria they have asked about is whether the proposed solution can be installed in a virtualized environment as well as on physical appliances.


      When we confirmed to them that there was a virtualized version which could be deployed to ESX or ESXi environments using vSphere, they then asked about a cloud offering. When we asked them to explain what they meant by this, their response was:-



      We run VMWare Vcloud Director and rent, and/ormanage vm's for our clients. We're looking for a virtual firewall thatintegrates with Vcloud Director. We also manage physical firewalls for clients.We're keen to have a common firewall OS on both our physical and virtualfirewalls.



      Can anyone confirm whether this is possible and/or officially supported?


      Many Thanks.


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          Hello Phil,


          While vCloud is pretty new to me, I do not believe that the Firewall Enterprise support's it. I know that we do not support vMotion, where you move the vm from one ESX host to another. One of the main reasons that it won't work is that our licensing is tied to physical hosts, so moving the vm from one host to another will cause issues. The other problem is the fact that we just have not tested the Firewall Enterprise with these VMware features.