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    Cannot access Security Center on admin acct


      Windows 7/Security Center 11.6


      I have an admin account and a user account, both password protected.  I run on the user account and have no problems there.  If I log onto the admin account and attempt to open the Security Center, either by double clicking the taskbar icon or from the Start menu, the icon disappears and mcagent.exe no longer appears in Task Manager.  If I log off admin, log back onto the user account, the taskbar icon is there and mcagent.exe is running.  If I then log back onto the admin account, same thing...Security Center icon is there and mcagent.exe appears in Task Manager.  But again, if I attempt to open Security Center, it disappears.  Inconvenient  because I need to reschedule the scan, and I can only do that via the administrator's account.  Help.....