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    whats the difference btwn MOVE AV Agent and MOVE AV Client



      since I have both MOVE Agent and MOVE Client in my ePO and I don't know whats what.

      What should be installed on a VM?  Why do I find the words AV Client and AV Agent mixed in

      the product manual without explanation?


      And while we are at it, this whole thing is too compicated, pals.  I mean, to many product names,

      too many versions, to litte overview in the docs, hackish problems with Agent versions/managed or not

      causing rollbacks of installations and stuff with error messages that say nuthing and so on.


      Best, Peer


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          You need to have an offload scan machine, here you install the mcafee agent, VSE and then offload scan server agent.


          Then on your virtual machines (VM's) you need the mcafee agent + the MOVE AV Client.


          The policy should tell the clients to send the stuff to be scanned to the offload scan servers.


          Yes i agree the documents are very complicated and the download site is full of stuff thats not needed or out of date. I grabbed the 2.6.2 versions of the MOVE AV [multiplatform] and had 6 things to check into ePO.

          MOVE Client extension

          MOVe Client

          MOVE offload extension

          MOVE offload server client

          MOVE license

          MOVE help (was version 2.6.0)


          Hope that helps a bit!