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    EEPC v7 on Windows 8 Samsung tablet - Bricked.  help!


      We have EEPC v6.2 implemented in our organization.  We've been testing EEPC v7 on a few Windows 8 machines, and all is working well.  We are now testing EEPC v7 on a Samsung tablet with Windows 8, and I'm having an issue.  I've setup the policy for this machine to enable the on-screen keyboard at the Pre-Boot screen.  However, when the pre-boot screen comes up, it will not accept any input (via on screen keyboard, USB keyboard, USB mouse, etc) - it's almost as if it is frozen.  I can get to the BIOS on boot up, but for some reason, I can no longer boot to a rescue CD (via external CD drive), and I can no longer boot from USB thumb drive to perform a decrypt.  This was working prior to encrypting the device.  Any other ideas?  Unfortunately, the warranty just expired with Samsung, so their support is no longer an option.


      Thanks guys.