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    Unable to remove anti-theft software

      Hello, today I decided to try out the anti-theft software, somehow my computer got really sluggish after installation of the program so after a few hours I decided it's beter to work with an unprotected pc than work with an unusably slow protected pc, so I decided uninstalling the program, unfortunately, the removal failed, after (I think) decrypting my files, I tried it again but it failed at the same point during the process, I checked and I can't log in to the web console to change any settings, it says that my device is not set up and that I have to install the software first, but the software still starts up when I start the computer although it doesn't seem to sync. So now I'm afraid the computer will lock up in 21 days because it can't acces the web console. How do I prevent this from happening? and more important, how do I completely remove the software from my computer?