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    scan exclusions for Sage 50 accounting 2013


      i would be interested to know if anyone has a list of VSE exclusions for Sage software, specifically Sage 50 Accounting 2013. most of the articies as Sage deal with firewall exclusions but very little about virus scan exclusions. sage has given me a list of items not to scan, but the list contain entire folders, and i would like not to exclude entire folders if possible. basied on what i have read i started my list of exclusions with the following : PEACHW.EXE, PEACHUPD.EXE, PEACHTREEPREFETCHER.EXE, W3DBSMGR.EXE, W3LGO103.EXE, AIS2.SERVER.CONSOLE.EXE, SmartPostingService2013.EXE. does anyone know of others