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    Client task on client 'unmanaged'


      Hi there,


      I discovered a strange issue with McAfee ePo 4.6 and client agent 4.5 patch 2.


      I'm talking about 20000 endpoint deployed on a worldwide organization. The issue started when I created a client task in order to install EEPC 6.2 on some endpoints. The client task was inserted on 'My Organization' who are syncronized with AD.


      Those endpoints were tagged with a Custom Tag for deploying EEPC only to such endpoints.


      Suddenly, some endpoints whose are on 'unmanaged' state (maybe for a duplicate GUID but even for them that don't reach ePO for a long time), so not tagged with the custom tag, they started installation of EEPC agent and EEPC software and obviously users weren't unable to logon on preboot file system.


      Do you have any idea why ePO Agent runs a client task even if the task is not for it? There's an issue with ePO agent?


      Thank you.