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    disaster recovery and failover in ePO 5.0



      My client has two data centers holding all the infrastructure like DC&AD and filestorage replicating to each other. What they want is two ePOs so that if the other datacenter disappears all the client workstations would still receive service.


      I have found multiple discussions here on how to create a disaster recovery ePO from a backup, but how would I proceed if I need two synced ePOs that are constantly online. Clients would be directed to the current active ePO by DNS or some other means. I would think it might be along the lines of:


      1. Install ePO1 and setup MS SQL 2008 for it.

      2. Create another MS SQL 2008 server to the other data center and configure multi master replication with the other DB

      3. Backup ePO1 and use that backup to create ePO2 according to normal ePO disaster recovery

      4. Configure the new DB as the ePO2 database

      5. Stop ePO2 and start if ePO1 fails


      What is the correct way and is there a simple way of doing this? This would be simple if the DLP agents could have 2 ePOs they would try to connect to and both ePOs could use the "same" database (2 databases with multi master replication)





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          I will answer myself now that I got it working.


          1.     Install MS SQL 2008 Standard to two servers

          2.     Install ePO 5.0 to one of those servers (the one that is going to be the master/principal)

          3.     Backup ePO through the snapshot Dashboard to that database

          4.     Shutdown ePO

          5.     Backup ePO database from Principal with logs.

          6.     Import that backup to Mirror SQL server with no-recovery

          7.     Setup Database mirroring according to this guide




          8.     Fire up ePO

          9.     you are done!


          If ePO or the Principal is lost, just start ePO 5.0 install and choose recovery install. Tell Mirror SQL to go in recovery mode and quit mirroring. Tell ePO installer where mirror server is. Change DNS so the new ePO installation matches the old host name of the ePO. Clients didn't know ePO was gone for a while