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    The license for ePo Orchestrator is invalid. Failed to load license data

      Hey all,


      I am currently pulling my hair out with an ePo issue (As are we all I'm sure!).


      I keep getting the message "The license for ePo Orchestrator is invalid. Failed to load license data" when trying to load ePo Orchestrator.


      Now, I'm aware this is a very common issue and have spent alot of time scrawling through forums looking for a result, and none of the fixes have worked for me so far.


      To begin with, we are running Win 2k8R2 SP1 Stnd Servers. Our ePo server is running Orchestrator 4.5.6 (Build: 137)


      I was previously working on implimenting HDLP, however .NET Framework 4 decided to automatically install itself. I uninstalled this as it causes no-end of problems, along with .NET 3.5.1 from features. Edited GPOs to stop .NET 4 installing and reinstalled .NET 3.5.1. Ever since sorting that little issue, I now have this license issue.


      I have found that in Event Viewer, I am receiving audit failures for the SQL service account on the ePo server. The fixes I have found online involve looking into 'db.properties' and checking server name, user name and ports. Everything is correct and as it should be here and I haven't managed to find anyone that has quite the same problem.


      Below is a copy of the failed audit:


      An account failed to log on.

      Security ID:  SYSTEM
      Account Name:  ePoServer

      Account Domain:  Domain

      Logon ID:  0x3e7

      Logon Type:   2

      Account For Which Logon Failed:
      Security ID:  NULL SID
      Account Name: SQLServiceAccount

      Account Domain:  Domain

      Failure Information:
      Failure Reason:  The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this machine.
      Status:   0xc000015b
      Sub Status:  0x0

      Process Information:
      Caller Process ID: 0x910
      Caller Process Name: C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Apache2\bin\Apache.exe

      Network Information:
      Workstation Name: ePoServer

      Source Network Address: -
      Source Port:  -

      Detailed Authentication Information:
      Logon Process:  Advapi 
      Authentication Package: Negotiate
      Transited Services: -
      Package Name (NTLM only): -
      Key Length:  0


      I am also getting the exact same failures except with different process information:


      Process Information:

      Caller Process ID: 0x398c

      Caller Process Name: C:\PROGRA~2\McAfee\EPOLIC~1\Server\bin\tomcat5.exe


      Any help that can be given on this would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to seriously lack in hair left to pull out!

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