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    Server roles for MVM 7.5


      Is there any documentation on exactly what server roles are required for MVM 7.5? I'm having trouble finding any information. I've been installing MVM 7.5 on laptops following the install guide with all of the prechecks passing during the installation and when I try to access Enterprise Manager once it's complete, I receive HTTP 404, webpage cannot be found. If I then go to the Server Manager and install all of the remaining Web Server roles, the web portal displays and I'm able to login. As part of the hardening process on the box, I'd like to know which roles need to be installed so the rest I can keep uninstalled without affecting functionality.  

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          Hi Tpowell,


          I can't find this documented (or recently discussed) anywhere.  I will ask around, but to get a definitive (and timely) answer you might consider opening a Service Request - the answer require some troubleshooting which is sometimes more than we can do over a forum post.