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        Hi Tony,


        Searching the in-product help (?) in the GUI will show you:


        Exported -  Setting a ticket to Exported causes McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5 to send an email to a third-party helpdesk system or other system. Future tickets are not generated for a host/vulnerability when a ticket for that host/vulnerability has been exported. The vulnerability will continue to appear in the reports for this asset.

        The email subject line contains the title "Helpdesk system ticket creation".

        The body of the email contains the details: "%scan_name%","%risk%","%vuln_name%","%vuln_details%","%IP%","%OS%","%user%"


        There isn't any reporting feature for that at this time.



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          Hi Cathy:



            is that mean when ticket have been email to the user or other system, it will not have other actions? So what can we do with tickets managerment?

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            Hi Tony,


            There are plenty of other actions you can do with the ticket regardless if it's been exported or not.  The actions are all all documented in the User Guide or in-product help.  You can get to the in-product help by clicking the question mark (?) in the context in which you want help.  For example if you're in Ticketing, and click the "?" you will be taken to help specific to Ticketing..  There simply isn't much reporting available around ticketing at this time.



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              Can the output format be customized? Our ticketing system can digest an email with XML in it to open a ticket and assign it to the right queue. Also is there a way I can pass other information into the ticket such as assignment queue?


              My company uses HP Service Manager for managing tickets. Is there any special interfaces?