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    Errors After Upgrading Application Control


      I've tested one of my systems - upgraded application control 5.0.2 to 6.1.0 and for that I've entered update mode. After the upgrade ended, it required a reboot. I did, and didn't exit the update mode.

      But after the reboot, I've tried to run some sadmin commands, and got this errors:


      U.1300.2336: Jan 13 2010:11:34:27.499:   ERROR: cfg.c       :  628: Error reading value for RTEMode: err 2 (0x2): No such file or directory
      U.1300.2336: Jan 13 2010:11:34:27.515:   ERROR: cfg.c       :  456: cfg load params failed for volatile variableswith err: 2
      U.1300.2336: Jan 13 2010:11:34:27.515:   ERROR: cli_win.c   :   47: Failed to init cfg library: 2


      The only kb I found was 67949 and it's not helping my case.


      Does anybody knows what I've missed here?




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