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    Linux Systems Showing Unmanaged

      I am using EPO 4.6.2 to deploy agents / VSE on to Ubuntu machines.  I have successfully deployed an agent to a system in my environment, but it still shows unamanged.  I am able to both ping and wake up the agent on the system.  I need the system to be "managed" so I can deploy the VSE on the system.


      Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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          Hi this is the method that I used to deploy agent on Ubuntu and Linux and they are working fine, Please see if you are missing something.



          Copy installdeb.sh

          package from C:\Program Files (epo default directory)\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3700LYNX\Install\0409 to root directory of Ubuntu with winscp.

          Install Putty and enable ssh port 22(this port is required for Ubuntu  agent installation)

          Install winscp to copy package to the root directory of linux or Ubuntu system.

          In directory /install/0409 run this command to change file permission first.

            1. chmod 0777 installdeb.sh
            2. 2./installdeb.sh -i   (run this command to install the package)
            3. You done it. J





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            I tried this, but the systems are still showing unmanaged.