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    Horrible Rootkit Virus!! PLEASE HELP

      Hello everyone, i have a rootkit virus, and as you guys all know these are horrible and terribly annoying. Ill explain what happens!

      1. I open google

      2. I search McAfee Forums (or anything else)

      3. It directs me to some completly random webpage then that webpage directs me to another one usually trying to sell me something


      What i have tried to do already

      1. McAfee virus scan. Picked up nothing.

      2.AVG Scan.. also picked nothing up

      3.Malwarebytes... yep you guessed it, also picked up nothing.

      4. Sophos scan, picked up a virus..didnt fix the problem though

      5. Restored my computer to an earlier date during the boot up process. Didnt work.


      Please walk me step by step through how to get rid of this virus! I am patient and will try to respond as quickly as possible to your messages. Thanks guy