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    Why have you not fixed this issue of the firewall for 3 months.  it just hit me and I am uninstalling this product permanently

      I have been having the same problem with McAfee that seems to have been going on since January.  My firewall wont come on and stay on. I did all of the things it states in the discussions, EXCEPT uninstall McAfee.  I was not sure if it came pre-installed on my compuer and tried to find it by logging in on McAfee, cannot find the tab that they said to look for to protect it.  I am just frustrated and really ticked off.  I always use Norton, went with McAfee, my sn has Norton and has none of these problems. I want to know why if this is a common problem for the last three months, why you have not fixed it.  This is ridiculous and a waste of my time.  I am uninstalling your product and I doubt if I will reinstall it, since you have not been able to fix this issue for this long.  I am so disappointed with McAfee's virus protection inability.


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