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    RSD on Server 2012


      Hi there,


      Been installing EPO 5.0 on Server 2012 with SQL2012 backend.


      All is well except for the RSD sensor. There is no apparent way to push the RSD to either Server 2012 or Windows 8.


      I was able to successfully push it to a windows 7 system, and it does become active. But on SRV2012 or Win8 it can be installed (manually) but never becomes active as policies are not being picked up.


      Now I was hoping to install and run both EPO server and RSD on a server 2012 but it seems I will have to go back to 2008R2.


      Surely in the future RSD will be supported to run on Server 2012 ?

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          Oh forgot, pushing it to 2012 or 8 leads to this:


          #2072 Sched Toevoegen van de taak is mislukt: foutcode= 0x80000016

          2013-04-05 00:29:56.265 E #2072 Sched <<--CSchedule::AddTask hr=0x80000016 : The text associated with this error code could not be found.

          2013-04-05 00:29:56.265 I #2072 Agent RunNow task Install RSD is failed


          Policy refresh (even after manual install):


          2013-04-05 01:21:46.149 I #2064 Manage There are no policies to enforce to RSD_____4700.


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            This is correct - the RSD sensor is not supported on Win2012. At the moment I'm afraid I don't have a date for when it will be.


            HTH -



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              The sensor is a Win32 native executable application that runs on the following Windows NT


              Windows XP • Windows Vista

              • Windows Server 2003 • Windows 7

              • Windows 2008


              Yes very soon Extensions for 2012 and window 8 will be available, for the time being it is not supported.





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                Almost a year has passed, still there doesn't seem a way to run RSD on 2012 or higher. Are there any plans for Mcafee to make it run on those ?