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    DLP with Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders lockup issue


      Greetings to All,


      Im facing intermittent lockups during windows boot up when I have deployed DLP to the host computers.

      Apparently, the problem was the combination of both DLP and Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders.

      I am sure that neither rules conflict with each other and besides I have configured the DLP polices to turn off almost all modules that are related to drivers etc.

      If I uninstall either of them, the lockup issue no longer persist.


      So I am wondering is there any method to resolve the issue without upgrading the EEFF as it is a large effort to do so.


      Current environment is.

      Windows 7 Enterprise

      EPO Agent : 4.6

      DLP: (Patch 2)

      EEFF :



      Thank you.


      Best Regards,