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    Please Help - Firewall keeps turning off and missing Windows Firewall service from services.msc


      Hi karthiks and frens,


      My firewall keeps turning off.
      Here is more info and screen-shots.


      I am using Windows 8.

      The problem of firewall turning off has been persistent for about a month now.
      Besides the default McAfee Protection, I have scanned my system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, emsisoft emergency kit and Eset online anti virus software in past couple of days. Some trojan horse were found and taken care of......but the problem of firewall turning off persists.


      1) The screen shot of Windows Firewall setting from Control Panel is as follows,



      2) When I try to click on Use Recommended setting, it gives error code 0x80070424

      WindowsFirewall Error.png


      3) Then I run services.msc to look for

      Base Filtering Engine service
      Windows Firewall service


      BFE is running and automatic.


      BUT Windows Firewall service is missing from the list in services.msc.

      Please help me solve this firewall problem.


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