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    Unable to Uninstall McAfee Family Protection



      My Mcafee Family Protection and Internet Security had a big problem.

      They don't work proprely anymore. I can see the Mcafee services runnig on the computer, but the control panels are stuck.

      I can't acces the internet anymore, I think it's because of Mcafee; when I lauch the computer with an other system like Ubuntu, I can acces the internet.


      I tried to uninstall all Mcafee with MCPR, but it's asking me for a Username and a password. But I don't remember them anymore.

      After trying once, it ask's me for a "Uninstall Code" and it clearly says : If you are unable to access Administration area, please contact MCAfee support to obtain unistall code"


      Here is a screen shot : http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/04/04/ILzKZ.png


      Thanks for your help,