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    Problem with duplicate entries

      Hi guys,


      I'm going crazy with a few machines, I have some duplicates and none of the anwsers I found fixed the problem.


      Our Setup:

      ePO 4.6  (1 server)

      Agent 4.6  (6000 nodes)

      Sync with AD setup once a day

      • Options selected for the sync,




      I install the agent on SERVER-A, then it becomes into a MANAGED state after a few minutes. The problem is (somewhere, somehow) it adds a second entry for SERVER-A but in a UNMANAGED state.


      What I've done so far:

      1. Deleted the UNMANAGED object from the system tree using (Directory Management / Delete   -> without removing the agent on next agent-server communication)
        • After a while (still can't know exactly when) the system comes back
      2. Selected the UNMANAGED object and selected Move GUID to duplicate list and delete system using (Directory Management)
        • Same problem, the system comes back


      I don't think it's a duplicate GUID problem, since the UNMANAGED object doesn't have a GUID


      At the end of this, SERVER-A is up-to-date but we keep having an UNMANAGED system in our system tree.


      Thanks for your help

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          Attila Polinger



          sounds like these servers might have more than one NIC and if you are using Rogue System Detection, it might detect the server's second NIC and add it to the tree as new detection (and ePO agent binds to the first NIC hence the second detection never becomes "managed"). ePO documentation details how to handle this situation (ePO 4.6 Product Guide p. 274.):


          If a system on your network has multiple NICs, each system interface can result in separate

          detections. Use the Detected System Matching Server Setting to match multiple interfaces to an

          existing detected system in order to eliminate duplicate systems