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    Where should I be version-wise?


      Keeping in mind that ePO 5 was just released, I am currently running ePO 4.6.5, so I'm assuming I should upgrade.  In addition, I am running Agent 4.6.0.  I was also curious where I should be on virusscan enterprise.  Currently we are at 8.8, and patch 2.  I got kind of confused with the hot fixes and such, so I'm not exactly sure where I am on that.  Additionally, it seemed like there was some confusion on if patch 3 should be deployed on Windows 7 or only Windows 8.  Our shop does not include any Win7 computers, only 7 and XP.


      Once I determine where I need to be, I have a couple of other questions as well, but that may be for another topic.

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          Latest releses are

          ePo 4.6 patch 6

          ePO 5.0

          McAfee Agent 4.8


          VSE 8.8 patch 2 for xp and windows 7

          VSE 8.8 Patch 3 for windows 8 and windows server 2012.


          Currentely you are fine with VSE. 




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            Okay, so should I update ePO to 5 or upgrade it to 4.6 patch 6?


            Also, I have  number of systems that don't seem to be getting the latest dat.  All of these are reporting for the product version and patch too, but they all appeared to quit updating the dat at various times. Here is a screenshot of my system update task:



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              ePO 5.0 doesn't support all products yet like Policy Auditor and Risk advisor. There is a fair sized list. It also isn't officially supported by arcsight.

              4.6.6 look solid for us, epo 5.0 has very nice new features

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                VSE  Patch 2 is okay for windows 7 and XP.

                You can directely upgrade to ePO 5.0 from ePO 4.6 patch 5 if your machine is compatible.


                Windows server 2008 sp 2 and windows server 2012 only 64 bit are compatible OS for ePO 5.0.


                I cant see your provided screenshot, could you add it as jpeg file please and also let me know the DAT version on questiopnable  machines?





                on 4/3/13 12:31:11 PM CDT
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                  In regards to systems not being up to date, do a physical check on the device first. There is an issue where the dat file is not reported correctly.

                  Simplest way, if you have the bandwidth is to remove vse and reinstall.


                  Also, I'm a big fan of global updating which wakes up all devices when specific updates you choose come in

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                    Andre, could you point me in the direction of a source that could tell me about this issue with the date not updating?  I actually have quite a few that are showing this problem, 226 compliant, 635 not:



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                      I can't really find any KB on the subject, but I remember you'd see product properties for virusscan show different versions. There's two fields for the dat version. For these usually, just deleting the device from ePO does it.


                      For out of dat adta files, we usually fix them this way in this order:

                      -remove the devices from ePO, they'll show back up on the next ascii. It recereates the entry in the database this way.

                      -push a super dat

                      -remove and reinstall vse


                      I hope this helps a bit.


                      Also be sure your compliance query matches your product version.

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                        Thanks Andre - I will see how this turns out.  It seems that my product update task was not really set up correctly either.  I've fixed that and my numbers are dropping.


                        As far as other updates, it looks like I will have to stay on the ePo 4 line now as we are currently running on a Win2003 server.