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    Migrate tool for going from ePO 4.6 (32 bit OS) to ePO 5.0 (64 bit OS)


      Has anyone else tried and succeeded in using the migrate tool under ePO 5.0. This tool is supposed to allow you to migrate a ePO 4.x server running on a 32 bit OS to ePO 5.0 running on a 64 -bit OS.


      For me, we are trying to migrate our test ePO 4.6 server running under Server 2003. It is using SQL Express 2008 R2. We are trying to migrate it to a Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit OS.


      I can get quite a long way thru the migrate process. However, it gets to the point of saying "Starting new McAfee Services" and stays on this screen for about 15 minutes before dispaying another popup which states "Rolling Back Actions". 


      This whole process takes a few hours and so is time consuming to keep repeating. Has anyone else seen issues.