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    Monitoring CD/DVD drive access


      Hello all,

      Apologies if this is an obvious question, but I was wondering if someone could clarify something about  how the Monitor option in DLP Device Rules works for CD-ROM drives. We are about to implement a company-wide policy that makes CD-ROM drives either read-only or completely blocked for most users, but first we are trying to identify users who have a legitimate business need to copy data to/from CDs/DVDs.

      For now, we just want to monitor who is using these drives on their PCs. I have created a device rule to monitor the Online status of CD-ROM drives, but I'm not clear what "Online" means in this context - does this mean that whenever a PC powers on and detects that it has a CD drive connected this will be reported in ePO? Is there a better way to only monitor when a user actually accesses these drives to read or write data?
      Thanks in advance!