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    Announcing McAfee 5600 Engine Release Candidate


      McAfee is pleased to announce the Release Candidate of the McAfee Anti-Malware Engine version 5600. The 5600 Engine will succeed the current 5400/5500 Anti-Malware Engine(s). We encourage you to actively participate in this beta program and provide your valuable feedback.


               Detection Enhancements:

      • Enhancements to Portable Document File (PDF) scanning to improve exploit detection capabilities
      • Enhancements to Office file format scanning to improve exploit detection capabilities
      • File decomposition support for Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) file format
      • Enhanced unpacking to detect more threats

        Performance Enhancements:


      • DAT loading and updating improvement for faster incremental DAT processing
      • General performance optimizations targeting initialization, updating, and scanning
      • Performance enhancements to Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) scanning

        Platform Enhancements:

      • New supported platforms: Windows 8, Windows 2012, FreeBSD 8, Linux Kernel 3.x, HP-UX Itanium 11.2 and 11.3
      • End of Life platform: HP UX 11.0, Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.9, Novell Netware & Microsoft Windows NT4


      The 5600 Engine Release Candidate is available from the McAfee public beta page:


      NOTE: Customers must register for the beta program on the public beta page to obtain the beta package(s)


      The 5600 packages are available as ePO Packages for:

      • Linux
      • Mac OS X
      • Microsoft Windows


      It is expected that the repackage of VirusScan Command Line with a 5600 Engine will be available a few weeks after Engine 5600 RTW.


      The release schedule for the 5600 Engine is currently as follows:


      • RTW (Elective download) in Late April/Early May 2013
      • RTW (AutoUpdate) in Q3 2013
      • 5400/5500 Engine(s) End Of Life (EOL) in Q4 2013