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    DHCP Offer

      Hello all, I am running Sidewinder 8.3.0 and having problems with DHCP. My DHCP client is not getting a DHCP address so I started doing some investigation. I did a TCP dump and saw that the DHCP Discover is making it to the DHCP Server. The DHCP Server is in turn  responding with a DHCP Offer. The DHCP offer comes in on the DHCP server interface with destination IP of the DHCP relay and dies. I don't see the DHCP Offer leave the firewall on the interface where the DHCP Client (and relay) can be found. The firewall is not denying any relative traffic and is not providiing any errors that I can see. I don't believe the firewall rules are the problem. Does anyone know what steps I can take to find out what the firewall is doing with the DHCP offer after it recieves it from the DHCP Server?

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          Have you set the rules up exactly like is described in the Product Guide or Help pages?  There are two or three rules you need to create.

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            Yes, I had previously set them up according to the product guide prior to this problem. While trying to troubleshoot the problem, I made the rules very relaxed, allowing source, destination, and zones to be any. Should I see an error in the audit if the DHCP offer was violating policy?

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              hi guys, I also have a similar problem..

              my topo :

              adsl(modem - dhcpserver : port0 (FW transparent: internal :port1--------switch---client.

              Port1 and Port0 are bridged.

              Client can't get ip address from modem.

              how to setup dhcp relay rule ? I have followed the instructions but not working.

              thank for your help.