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    Control Center Apply Failure


      I am getting the following error....any recommendations.  I am running CC 5.3.1 and Firewall V8.3


      On the CC:


      TSWValueError: TSWValueError: Missing required attribute(s): enabled


      It is necessary to open the McAfee Firewall Enterprise dialog to re-retrieve 'Firewall Dialog Information' before apply can succeed.


      On the MFE:


      2013-04-02 15:40:37 -0400 f_controlcenter_daemon a_Control Center t_error p_major

      pid: 1682 logid: 0 cmd: 'ccmd' hostname: testbox-vm.ca

      event: Control Center change failed serverip:

      ccmd_xid: 30818091028 ccmd_request: UPDT result: 0

      reason: apply failed: failed Control Center change 'UPDT A'