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    Buffer Overflow


      http://i.imgur.com/3lKVTWJ.jpgget it sometimes when i open a new folder.

      the folder immediately closes and this thing pops up.


      Running on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

      updates turned off.


      no info about this specific name on google, and very little info about Buffer Overlow in general.


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          BOP detections are probably legitimate -

          We have a process for investigating detections to ensure they are not false positives, but in 100% of issues reported and researched to date the detections are legitimate - usually spurred from a 3rd party application engaging in malware-like behavior to accomplish some "neat" functionality.

          The challenge faced by such software solutions is they're not going to work on X64 .


          If you want to investigate whether this report is also a legitimate one and what the cause might be, you should contact Support; and they'll give you details on how to cause a BSOD to occur instead of the BOP Alert. The memory dump is required to research what triggered the detection.